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C Programming with GraphApp
GraphApp is really fine GraphApp is a portable graphic library (MacOS 7, Windows, Linux /Unix with XWindow). In this section, you can get examples about GraphApp widget extension :

You can also get the compiled GraphApp library for Windows :

Euler numerical language
see what Euler is ... May be don't you know Euler ? It's a free MATLAB like numerical language. It is light (the zip file is less than 1 Mb). It features a powerful programming language and 2D / 3D graphics. And, it runs on Windows and Linux / Unix with XWindow. External library modules can be added to Euler (Just put the "xxx.e" file in the progs folder). Command sessions can be saved as notebook ".en" files.

You can download from here :

  • logplot.e a module to allow logarithmic and semi-logarithmic plots, and logplot.en a test notebook for the .e file.
  • electricty.e a module to plot oscilloscope screens, signal spectrum, bode diagrams. Some examples to show how to use it, and how it looks like ...
  • smith.e a module to plot smith charts.
Physics & Electronics
Oops ! ... Resources for physics et en électronics : millimeter and semilog paper, in postscript or pdf (300 dpi) format.
  • millimeter paper (ps, pdf)
  • semilog paper - 3 decades (ps, pdf)
  • semilog paper - 4 decades (ps, pdf)
  • semilog paper - 5 decades (ps, pdf)

Some interesting links

  • a very interesting educationnal site about system dynamics. Mechanical systems, hydraulic systems, electrical systems. State equations. Numerical computations with MATLAB. Vibrations and modes.
  • the use of the FFT algorithm explained in a quite simple way. Some Pascal, C, ADA code. Some links to a few others web sites about Fourier transform, wavelets, digiltal filters.

Some useful links ...

  • To visualize postscripts files : ghostscript.
  • a nice document formatting system in a LaTeX style : Lout.
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bouchare dot eric at wanadoo dot fr Let me know if I have made mistakes or what you have thought of this web site. You can send your mail at ``bouchare dot eric at wanadoo dot fr